The Ultimate step-to-step Guide to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

Being overweight is fatal but not irremediable 

If you’ve landed here, it’s certainly because you too, you’re feeling stuck in the never ending weight loss loop.

Perhaps have you tried different diets, started to count your macros… Maybe you bought some miracle fat burning supplements, or tried to force yourself to sweat it all out by exercising. Perhaps you’ve seen results, and perhaps you’re still doing some of those things: every day no matter what or just every now and then…

Do you just feel like you gave it all? Like you’ve tried everything in your power to change, without getting what you wanted? Do you feel like something’s wrong with you and you just can’t figure out what? Do you feel like when everyone else is succeeding in their fat loss journey, you will never get there? 

If there’s a yes, I’ve got some good news for ya. 

No matter how weak you think you are, no matter how messed up is your life, no matter how much you struggle with stress, I can ASSURE you that you have all the potential needed to reach your weight loss goal. You already have enough power to make this happen. What you don’t have yet tho, is a set, doable, and efficient plan you can stick to.

I came across so many different types of people, from all ages, who have been struggling their entire life with their number on the scale. And what stocked me most, was realizing the ONE thing those people had in common: deep suffering. People who struggle to lose weight and/or have eating disorders (bulimia, binge eating…) DO suffer a shit lot. Most times, this suffering is just the result of emotional events from the past that have been put aside, left untreated. By untreated I mean, in a state where there’s no clear understanding of the problematic situation, and where no action has been taken. 

Trying different diets, counting macros, exercising and using other classical weight loss methods, is like putting wallpaper on a wall covered with holes. It looks great from the outside, but the holes are still there. 

The work we’re about to initiate can actually be resumed to one thing: moving forward, one step at a time. Little by little, one day at a time.

My struggle with weight loss and my binge eating disorder

So you can better grasp my words, let’s take my struggle with weight loss for instance.

I have always been an emotional eater, I have always used food to make me feel better. Nervous? Eating. Sad? Eating. Excited? Eating. Tired? Eating. Lonely? Eating. And of course, everything was always more fun with a ciggy for breakfast, with one more coffee to keep my eyes open, and with some “well deserved” glass(es) of the magical liquid that is alcohol to wrap up the day. 

Until the day I had enough. Well actually, until the day my body had enough. After years of leading my life with addictions, my health started to tumble down.

From that point, I stopped smoking and gradually gave up on drinking. That was incredibly tough, but I wanted this big change to happen. I was willing to do anything to make it come true, and suffering was part of it. Tobacco and alcohol were then out of my life, but I started to have a very chaotic relation with food. I’ve quickly entered into the binge eating nightmare.

Back then, I would eat VERY healthy all day, with very little carb and fat,  I would restrict myself all day long. I was starving… Until I got home. Every time I was back home, I was turning into a savage hungry beast. And I was devouring everything I could find on the kitchen shelves before dinner. Then for dinner, I would eat healthy once again. And because I was in such a compensating state, I would eat some sort of desserts until my belly was so full and painful that I literally couldn’t move. 

Today, I cannot say that I’m healed because such habits just don’t fly away in a month. But I can tell you that, I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m 110% convinced that I will soon be able to say “I eat according to my hunger, not according to my emotions”.

And of course, as a result, my body has never been slimmer. I’m finding it beautiful for the first time in my life.

The optimal step-to-step guide to lose weight and actually keep it off

Without further ado, here’s the guide to finally get your dream body:

➪ Identify why you’re overweight

Answer the following 6 questions by yes or no.
Take time to read the questions and reflect on yourself, be honest.

  • Do you consider eating healthy most of the time (eating only occasionally industrial/ junk food)? Yes / No
  • Do you consider moving enough (at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity or about 6000 steps per day)? Yes / No
  • Do you have a food disorder (binge eating/bulimia/night eating syndrome)? Yes / No
  • Do you consider yourself being under a lot of stress? Yes / No
  • Do you feel anxious most of the time? Yes / No. If yes, what is the reason?
  • Do you consider having an issue in one of your relationships (love, family, colleagues, friends…)? 

If you think about another domain in your life where you’re experiencing an issue, add it to the questions above.

Every time you’ve answered yes to a question, list 3 things you can do to overcome each one of them. Write them down somewhere where you’ll be able to see them throughout the day (fridge, desk, laptop, bedside table, on your phone’s screen…).

⚠️ DO NOT set the bar too high, the things you’ll list to overcome your issue should always and only be baby steps. The bigger the steps, the shorter the trip. Meaning that the bigger the goal is, the higher it looks from where you’re standing right now. So the harder it feels to get there.

For instance, if you need to move a bit more every day, don’t think “I’m gonna go get a gym membership”. But instead, just go for a short walk around the neighborhood before dinner. 

Or, if you need to be working on stress management, don’t start with meditation (unless you’re familiar with the process of course). But rather choose to practice cardiac coherence breathing: during 5 minutes, inhale for five seconds, then exhale for the same amount of time. 

Typical exemple

Do you consider eating healthy most of the time (eating only occasionally industrial/ junk food)? Yes / No 

List 3 things you can do to overcome this: 

1 – When eating out, choose a healthy meal one out of two times.
2 – Find one home made meal you have pleasure eating and cook it more often (banana and peanut butter porridge, buddha bowl…).
3 – Try to stay away from saucy foods

You now have practical, usable tools to start changing unhealthy things in your life. Please don’t worry, it takes as long as 66 days to create a new habit. So don’t beat yourself up for not succeeding soon enough, or for not doing these new things as often as you’d like.

Be gentle on yourself, and be proud of yourself. You need to do so every time you’re achieving something to move forward. Yes, even the smallest baby step taken on earth. 

And also remind yourself, as often as you can, from how far you’ve come since you started this journey to feel better in your body. Wanting to change is already very if not the bravest step one can take.

You already have enough in your possession to change. Never doubt it. You just need directions and a working plan. 

You are way stronger than you think. Go get it 🖤

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