6 Feminine Hygiene Tips I Wish I Knew Before


Whether you’re comfortable with your body or not, one day, you certainly asked yourself: “do I smell normal?” and “is it even normal to smell down there?!” Darling, yes.  Every girl’s vaginas have their very own odor. Yep, even the healthy ones. If you think the vagina might be the dirtiest of all body’s parts, … Read more

Fix Muscle Knots in Your Neck and Shoulders in Less Than 3 Minutes


Sitting down for hours, with shoulders rolling forward, the head looking downward… Or just sleeping in a bad position, sleeping on a too high pillow… Stiffness caused by the overreaching shoulders we all get when stressed out. All these bad habits we have can cause a lot of tension and pain on our neck and shoulders … Read more

The Ultimate step-to-step Guide to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!


Being overweight is fatal but not irremediable  If you’ve landed here, it’s certainly because you too, you’re feeling stuck in the never ending weight loss loop. Perhaps have you tried different diets, started to count your macros… Maybe you bought some miracle fat burning supplements, or tried to force yourself to sweat it all out … Read more

How to Get a Flat Stomach (Tips that really WORK)

I have always been struggling to get a flat belly. It is quite of an obsession for me to be very honest. Not talking about social media and the aesthetic based world we live , a flat stomach is overall a sign of good health. It is the sign of healthy levels of fat and … Read more

Best Curly Hair Tips for Healthy and Pretty Curls ➰


Having curly hair is cool as. This type of hair looks gorgeous, you can do SO many different hairstyles and let’s be honest, curly hair, even wrapped up any old how, looks cute.BUT, that’s beside a whole hell of hair care struggles and experiments.With their high tendency to get dry, curly hair require healthy levels … Read more

What is PMS and How to ditch it the Natural way

Let’s talk about what (almost) any women on this planet has to deal with every month. We’ll learn how it’s impacting us on every levels. To a certain degree, all of us (the girl tribe), know how messy our mind and body can get prior to AND during our period. Simply put: We call that … Read more