about me

Hi there,
I’m Vanille!

In a society that prizes labels and titlesI could adorn myself with many— healer, witch, alchemist, shaman, medium, starseed, poet, eternal student of the mystic realms. Yet, at my core, I am simply a soul, chosen to inhabit this body at this pivotal ascending moment in history; with a profound mission to foster global healing—for our Earth, the Animal kingdom, and Humankind.

My ability to heal people & animals isn’t paper-certified. Rather, it’s the multidimensional skills I’ve been refining over countless incarnations that allow me to aid others today.

I believe we all have a powerful fire burning inside of us.
And mine? It burns the brightest when I help you rise your own flame.

Way, way high.

some of my most secret facets

☯︎ As a child, the Wind was my best friend and I had fun learning to control it
☯︎ From a young age, I’ve felt a deep cosmic connection and knew I was a starseed
☯︎ I scream and run like an elephant to unwind after a long day
☯︎ Wherever I sleep, my loyal teddy wolf “Piti loup” is always in my arms
☯︎ I grew up with a horse named Eden, I always contemplated the magic in her eyes
☯︎ I rescue tiny insects from drowning in water
☯︎ Verdant things move me in ways I can’t explain, hence: Verdant Vanille
☯︎ I constantly notice my shirt is the wrong way

☯︎ Manifesting money became a simple, effortless occurrence for me
☯︎ I have four fingers on my right hand
☯︎ I’m fascinated by the U-in-verse and how everything we experience is purely a reflection of what we hold within
☯︎ I communicate telepathically with animals and plants
☯︎ My mum says I have unusual constant dilated pupils
☯︎ Before turning healer and filmmaker, I was a masseuse and a licensed CrossFit Trainer
I have the fear of public speaking and I uncontrollably fidget in these moments – unconfident asparagus.
☯︎ I utilize my lightcodes to increase the vibrational energy of individuals who cause harm to others