How to Look Pretty Naturally Without Makeup


Putting on more foundation, washing your face twice a day, doing facial scrubs every week, buying that (damn expensive) special serum and the cream to go with… All these products promising you a brand new doll skin are NOT going to give you the expected results anytime soon. The world of beauty is tightly chained … Read more

Benefits of Journaling + How to Start


Many of us held some sort of journal when we were young. For some, maybe drawing was their way of expressing their feelings.  If you did that too, you will agree that every time you were grabbing a pen and a paper for emotional purpose, most times  were because you felt the NEED to do … Read more

4 Hacks for a better Memory


For me, focusing and memorizing have always been a real challenge growing up. Whether at school or accomplishing things in my everyday life, the learning process was a real struggle. One year ago, inspired by Jim Kwik’s brilliant work, I’ve started to apply these hacks on a daily basis. Since then, I’ve made massive progress … Read more