What Time of the Day Should I Work Out? πŸ‹οΈ

Early birds hitting the gym at 6am versus strong minded people crushing a heavy session after work… Every one has a different lifestyle and work out at a different time of the day. I myself am a morning gym junkie, and everytime I have no choice than training at night, it represents a massive mental … Read more

Why core strength is (very) important


Trunk flexion, trunk extension, lateral trunk flexion, compression of the abdomen and spinal stability are all happening thanks to our core. In that sense, core strength is a must to optimize body movements. The primary muscles composing the core are: Erector spinae, Rectus abdominis, internal and external Obliques, Transverse abdominis and Multifidi. Simply put: core … Read more

How and why improving your Mobility

We can hear the word mobility in many fitness related conversations and this is far from being a fad. What is mobility ? Mobility is the ability to move a limb through its full range of motion (ROM), not to be confused with flexibility which is simply the lengthening capacity of a muscle.Moving freely and … Read more