Elevate Your Energy – ebook



Cleansing, Shielding, and Amplifying Your ENERGY ✨

I created this ebook with one purpose in mind: to help you harness the power within and keep your vibrations soaring. Inside these pages, you’ll discover powerful tools & techniques to cleanse your energy, ensuring that negativity can never hold you back. You’ll uncover secrets to cleanse & shield your aura + your home, allowing only positive energies to flow.

Embrace your inner sorcerer, learn to detect indicators of stagnant negative energies in your home, and what tools you can use to turn your place into a radiant foxhole.

Whether you’re a curious beginner or an advanced mystic, this book welcomes you with open arms. No prior knowledge of Energy is required to embark on this eye-opening voyage. It is a guide that transcends boundaries, inviting anyone with an interest in the divine realm and the desire to connect with their higher self. Embrace the call of the mystical, and find answers to your questions.

Now, imagine a life where your energy sparkles like moonlight and abundance flows like a never-ending stream. With Elevate Your Energy – that life becomes your reality. Discover the most kept secrets to elevate your vibrations, expand your consciousness, and unlock the infinite possibilities that await.

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Dr. Simon Atkins
Vanille is an empathic transformational coach not just as a money alchemist but as a wonderful he...

Vanille calls it, "Laying the abundance foundation" ... and in raising one's vibration of health, in healing past connections & karma, and increasing one's wealth in different modes combining metaphysical realms to idea generation to ancient codes and everything in between --- to connect higher worlds back into us and align our beingness in the Matrix -- Vanille gives us the abilities, the power and belief to receive more abundance in all different forms. It is an honor and a blessing to be connected to Vanille's program and her spirit vested so deeply into everything she does to make this world a better place. Go for it, and never look back: you will be all the wiser and happier for having chosen Vanille as your coach, for your own prosperity, and soaring above ultimately what you may not have thought possible! Namaste.

Thank you!

I love the book, it's very nice to read, a well picked essence from all the knowledge which is out in the world. It comes super natural. I've seen some books about the same topic but this is outstanding in the way how it's all described and the images underline the content very well.

Transporting and inspiring

Look forward to her posts.

Jana Kolkova
I feel much better just looking at the pages♡

I have purchased the E-book just a minutes ago and it has already make me smiling. Beautifully designed pages, lovely drawings, I can not wait to start studying. Wishing You all the bet Vanille🌿

Brian DYL
Elevate Your Energy

Vanille's E Book is a road map to the Soul and higher planes of consciousness. I would encourage other students to explore more deeply the topics she covers as she only points them out to us, and we would be wise to take notice of and not merely skim and glance over and not really digest the lesson plan she has so graciously laid out for those willing and able to follow her. A great help and encouragement to spread our wings and fly up to where we belong and become the best that we can be in touch with our divinity within and without. Much love & light to you all on your lifelong journey of soul discovery.